Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carlucci For State Senate!

David Carlucci has announced that he is running for the New York State Senate in the 38th District. The district includes all of Rockland and a portion of Orange County.

Carlucci, presently Town Clerk of Clarkstown, has been an innovative leader and committed public servant. “Now more than ever,” Carlucci said, “we need a new vision and a legislator who is committed to representing the interests of the residents of Rockland and Orange Counties. I’m not waiting for someone else to take responsibility for bringing reform to our state’s capital. As a State Senator, I will stand up and bring commonsense solutions to Albany.”

Carlucci pledged he will use his experience as an innovative public leader to take Albany out of the dark ages and into the 21st century. “New York State is one of the greatest states in the nation, but sadly, it has the most broken and dysfunctional state government,” he said. “I will fight from my first moment in office to reform the way the State Senate conducts business. Without that reform, we won’t be able to tackle the pressing issue of exploding property taxes, we won’t be able to fix our outdated property tax formula, and we won’t be able to stop pitting the education of our school children against the economic interests of property owners.

“Our seniors and working families are being squeezed from their homes by a State Senate that is interested in only short-term solutions that jeopardize the future of our state. That has to change. We need State Senators who will spend more time solving problems and less time worrying about their next re-election. I pledge that I will be that kind of State Senator.”

Carlucci outlined a three point plan to reform the rules of the State Senate and believes that the Senate can and must reform itself, but only with new senators committed to reform. “I want to be a legislator that is committed to serving the people of Rockland & Orange Counties, not serving the Senate Leadership’s grab for power,” he said.

“We won't change Albany with a game of musical chairs between backroom politicians who share an addiction to taxpayer funded pork, political patronage and fat cat donors. New Yorkers should demand independent leaders, unbought and unbossed, ready to reform our state government and take it back for the hardworking taxpayers who've been ignored for decades.”

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